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Introducing our Kendo Club
( Mr.Inoue retired from our club at end of August 2011 )

We appreciate assistance of disaster of Japan from overseas.

Japanese doll
by Tomoshige Inoue

.......Our club's belief is that from a young age respecting each other's culture and customs is very important in understanding about relations which will eventually lead to a peaceful world.
.......We have a chance to communicate with International languages such as English. Through Japanese Culture such as KENDO, People all over the world can interact with one another as with our International Kendo Club.

-- Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.--

.......The nightmare of the Great Hanshin Earthquake affected many Kendo clubs. At the same time, we received a lot of help from other countries, and realized the strength and warmth of many people from various countries. We realized again the importance of human relations and cooperation during that time.
.......Like other kendo clubs our gymnasium was completely destroyed, we were practicing at this place up until that time after the earthquake. Members and friends were unable to even think of continuing practice.
.......After visiting and checking on our kid's members, I saw they were thoughtful and enthusiastic to help others even more than other kids who did not do kendo. I thought students of kendo reacted differently than most other people.
.......From then we invited each other to come and practice where ever we could. Little by little we were able to begin practice again. After 9 months we were fortunate to find another gym, which was previously used as a shelter. In hopes for a new start, we re-opened our kendo club under the new name of Kobe International Kendo Club, and are now doing various other activities along with our kendo practice.
.......It's well known that Kobe is an international cosmopolitan city and has been quite prosperous for a long time. Through my business and personal life I have had many experiences overseas and have made alot of foreign friends ( although I don't like using the term "foreign" in particular). We sometimes visit international schools and communities to do kendo demonstrations.
.......We enjoy not only practicing kendo, but having lectures from overseas kendo friends, as well as hiking and other activities. We have many relations with overseas kendo clubs- and look forward to continuing these relations.

              ◎ Tomoshige Inoue takes full responsibility for the wording and content of this article.

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