Privacy Statement of Kobe International Kendo Club

Privacy Statement

Our Club (gWeh) recognizes the significance of personal information and is committed to implement the following:

1,We have established our own policy in handling information concerning your personal data (gPersonal Informationh), developed organization to deal with the issue, and have been committed to protect your Personal Information properly.

2,We will advise you, when we need to collect your Personal Information from you, of the purpose of collection and the contact address for your information, and collect such Personal Information only to the extent as necessary.

3,We will use your Personal Information only within the scope of the purpose of collection, manage such Personal Information in an appropriate manner, and in no way disclose or provide such Personal Information to a third party except under exceptional circumstances.

4,We will keep your Personal Information accurate and up-to-date, and take measures to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, corruption, falsification or divulgation.

5,We will promptly deal with your request for confirmation, correction or otherwise of your Personal Information in a reasonable scope subject to your notice given to our contact address for you.

6,We will abide by any law, ordinance, rule or regulation applicable to any Personal Information under our control, and will maintain and improve each of the above commitments as well as the prevention and protection activities.

* Please contact
for more information concerning Privacy Statement.

* We have no responsibility or liability as to the contents or standards for handling privacy information in any website of a third party linked from our website.

* You are recommended to confirm our Privacy Statement from time to time, since we may amend this Privacy Statement for further facilitating the protection of your Personal Information or in compliance with the establishment or change of relevant laws and ordinances. Any change or amendment of the Privacy Statement shall be effective as of the date on which such change or amendment is released on the website.

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